Le Mans Dog

So here it is. Welcome. Hello. こんにちは. Thanks for stopping by!

This is my personal little pocket filed away at the farther reaches of the information super megaroad… or highway… or somewhere near Darlington Services on the A1, or whatever fashionable folk call it these days. So what’s it all about then?

Well, nothing really.

Honestly. It’s about nothing. Rather, nothing in particular. I need a place to vent my spleen, talk about things nobody else is the slightest bit interested in. Eject the stools of various gripes that ail me from my bowels (long division, politics, numeracy in beagles, computing). That sort of thing.

Le Mans Dog
Me and my dog. Watching Le Mans on Blu Ray.

I’m a somewhat ‘varied’ young buck. I like a bit of gaming. None of that modern DRM-riddled nonsense mind you, I’m talking proper gaming. The likes of the Super Nintendo, Mega Drive and Commodore 64 et al. Though I hold a particular preference to vintage gaming from Japan, thus my humble abode I share with my wife is littered with a somewhat sizeable collection of objects from said country that may or may not have anything to do with gaming.

Gleylancer - MD
Gleylancer. It is expensive. I cried paying for it.

I like to study Japanese. So you’ll see a smattering of that here too. I’m not very good at it, but you’ll see some here anyway because I’m studying for the JLPT N5 and N4 exams this year. So putting the odd bit about a new word, or some sort of particle-riddled, compound-loaded, overly complicated new Kanji discovery will be shoehorned in to these here pages of cyberspace.

I like making music too. In recent times I have amassed a small collection of synthesisers and a couple of drum machines that I like to hook up to Cubase and generally fart around with to make bizarre, unusual (and mostly ambient) sounds. You’ll find a bit of that here too. I can’t play a note, I’m not musically gifted and I’m too scared to open a Soundcloud account. But when I do you’ll see all of that right here.

DUB - Nov 2013
Dublin, Ireland. I live here. I’m not Irish though.

Writing. It’s an incredibly strong passion of mine. I like to read. I like to write. I like the sound of my own voice when everyone else is sick of it yet I feel I must go on because honestly, you’re life will be enriched by learning something so utterly obscure and insignificant that I feel the need to tell it. It’s why I wrote a small zine publication last year (which incidentally is for sale at this website) with the sole purpose of getting as much insigificant, obscure and niche information as possible crammed in to the minds of as many people who were willing to support me as possible.

Over 500 people (and counting) did just that.

Which is gob-smacking, jaw-dropping, inspiring and ultimately proof that there exists, out there, across our planet, over 500 people (and counting) willing to have their heads crammed with niche, obscure guff written by a 34 year old nobody in Ireland. That’s an Airbus A380 full of crew and passengers that bought my little book. When you put it in that perspective and picture an Airbus A380 filled with passengers reading my little book instead of the in-flight magazine, it really brings it home how much support my little project received.

I’ll be writing a lot more in 2014. I plan to release another little book. Hopefully it will do well.

April 2013 is when this site went live. It’s been sat in limbo, motionless, unloved and naked, waiting for it’s owner to pet it and put it to work. Go ahead, personal blog thing! Go and earn your keep thanks to the costly hosting I’m paying for you!

Thanks for reading.