If you have ever owned the wonderful Psygnosis video game Microcosm, specifically on the SEGA Mega CD, you may have come across a small paper pamphlet written entirely in Japanese. If you can’t read Japanese, or if your copy of Microcosm didn’t come with this fun little informational pamphlet and you appreciate a healthy dose of text spat out by an online translation engine, then your luck is well and truly in!

Here is a scan I made of the original pamphlet that shipped with copies of the game:

An informational pamphlet that shipped with Microcosm on the Sega Mega CD in Japan.

And here is the translated text that both Google and Microsoft Bing Translate have churned out (with some minor tweaking by myself to make it more readable):

Thank you for your purchase of Microcosm. To play, please note the following points.

If you are using a 6 button pad, the game will not function correctly when you have the pad set to 6 button mode. Turn off the power to the console once and turn the power on again while holding down the mode key to enable three-button mode in order to play the game.

If you have any questions please contact us:

Microcosm, Victor Entertainment Inc., 151 Sendagaya Shibuya-ku, Tokyo,  2-8-16
 Telephone: 03-3423-9269

Victor Entertainment Inc. T-60164

And that is that (corrections are of course most welcome)! I hope this proves of some use to someone, somewhere. Look forward to more chunklets of bi-useless information like this as I dig them up out of several storage boxes. Enjoy!