Ten No Koe Bank Manga

天の声バンク (Ten no Koe Bank) is not a video game. It is not a manga. It is not a hybrid of the two. It is not a Big Mac and chips. 天の声バンク (Ten no Koe Bank) is an accessory that was released for the NEC PC Engine video game console in 1991. The PC Engine console was not afforded a great deal of on-board memory, and managing save games was a problem that quickly required addressing.

Hudson Soft, the makers of 天の声バンク (Ten no Koe Bank) had released various products in the 天の声 (Ten no Koe) line, notably hardware-based adaptors that were designed to aid with memory management for the original and CoreGrafx versions of the PC Engine console. 天の声バンク (Ten no Koe Bank) arrived in the form of a ROM RAM HuCard (video games for the PC Engine, prior to a CD attachment being developed later in the system’s life, were shipped on small printed circuit boards, branded HuCard by developer Hudson Soft).

Essentially it was a HuCard with an on-board battery and software designed to transfer to/from the console, and manage, save game information. The idea was genius and just the tonic the console needed to help customers of the popular console. You’d be forgiven for thinking the instruction manual for a product such as this would likely be very dry, but as usual, the Japanese have a knack of making even the dullest of topics somewhat interesting. 天の声バンク (Ten no Koe Bank) features a wonderful, full colour manga strip within it’s instruction manual. I’m of the opinion that something as wonderful as this warrants scanning, colour-correcting and preserving. So I figured I’d scan it in for you and do the necessary. Here it is, in all it’s glory. Enjoy.

Click the images to see the full, high-resolution scans.

Ten No Koe Bank Manga 1 Ten No Koe Bank Manga 2