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Sugar Loaf Horses

Horsing around.

Posted on January 5, 2014

At the tail end of last year (no pun intended), the marketing department at my place of work announced a photo competition open to employees across our global offices. Being a bit of a keen shutterfreak I grabbed my DSLR and sped off toward County Wicklow, wife and mutt in tow, to see what I could capture of Ireland. A wonderful, emerald jewel in the European crown. Studded with crustations of austerity and liberal quantities of thick, yeasty stout!

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Le Mans Dog

It only took 9 months…

Posted on January 4, 2014

So here it is. Welcome. Hello. こんにちは. Thanks for stopping by!

This is my personal little pocket filed away at the farther reaches of the information super megaroad… or highway… or somewhere near Darlington Services on the A1, or whatever fashionable folk call it these days. So what’s it all about then?

Well, nothing really.

Honestly. It’s about nothing. Rather, nothing in particular. I need a place to vent my spleen, talk about things nobody else is the slightest bit interested in. Eject the stools of various gripes that ail me from my bowels (long division, politics, numeracy in beagles, computing). That sort of thing.

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