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This week I have been mostly messing around with a toy I admit to neglecting since about, ooh, 57 seconds after I bought it. Native Instruments Maschine is a rather handsome little pup, and a tool I would very much like to learn a lot more in depth. Since I bought my Maschine Mikro v2 toward the latter end of last year, I think I must have spent about 9 seconds using it after the 908,754 hours it takes to install, update and configure the thing. When it’s up and running though, it sure is a cheeky piece of musical funology.

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Winds of Thunder. Remastered!

Posted on January 6, 2014


(naut.) one of the middle timbers of the frame of a ship. XIII. ME. (pl.) votekes, futtokes …” – Oxford English Dictionary

The weather in Ireland has been bloody dreadful the past few weeks. Every morning I awake in darkness. The orange tangy glow of the really annoying streetlight just outside our bedroom window filters through, stinging my eyes like chopping a particularly ferocious looking chilli pepper and then automatically (and stupidly) rubbing your eye. Rain lashes against the window almost daring you to venture outside if you’re brave enough.

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