This week I have been mostly messing around with a toy I admit to neglecting since about, ooh, 57 seconds after I bought it. Native Instruments Maschine is a rather handsome little pup, and a tool I would very much like to learn a lot more in depth. Since I bought my Maschine Mikro v2 toward the latter end of last year, I think I must have spent about 9 seconds using it after the 908,754 hours it takes to install, update and configure the thing. When it’s up and running though, it sure is a cheeky piece of musical funology.

Additionally this week, I decided to try out a new DAW. I’ve been using Cubase for some time and am getting a little frustrated with it, thanks mainly to my utter lack of music production knowledge and inability to play a single note! I happened upon a DAW named Presonus Studio One, which despite the fancy ‘age of flight’ styled name, is a DAW I have found surprisingly easy to use. In fact I liked it so much it spurred me on to dig out my Maschine Mikro and try and create some sounds!

Here is a little instrumental track I have put together using both Maschine and Presonus Studio One. It’s nothing super fancy, more an excercise for me to become more familiar both with Studio One and Maschine. I was looking for a Funkstorung style with this particular creation, hence the (hopefully) apt name I have chosen for it.

This is, Data Storage Error. Enjoy.