dennou club boot logo july 1991

月刊電脳倶楽部 (Gekkan Dennō Club), or in English, ‘Monthly Cyber Club‘ was a magazine for the X68000 computer that featured cover-mounted floppy disks and was published by 満開製作所 (Mankai Seisakujo). This was the same publishing house that had brought the title Oh! X (another magazine that featured a cover-mounted disk and precursor to Monthly Cyber Club) to the X6800 computer. The disks would feature a variety of material spanning both reader submissions and material gathered from the public domain, or PDD, Public Domain Document as abbreviated on the disks. Content would range from text files to FM music to CG artwork and more.

The magazine was published from 1988 to 2000 over 139 volumes (note: I believe 8 volumes, 140 through 148 were published on CD-ROM in 2000 and/or 2001 but I am, at the time of writing this article, unable to confirm this) exclusively for the Sharp X68000. Content was presented initially on one, then later two, and in at least one known instance three 5.25″ floppy disks. Increasing the number of disks per month was a concious decision by the publisher as documents, data, audio and games began to demand more disk space. In 1999 volumes 1 through to 100 were compiled and shipped on two separate CD-ROM compilations. A third CD-ROM volume compiling volumes 101 to 115 was released in 2000. Finally a fourth CD-ROM volume compiling volumes 116 to 139 was published in 2000, however I have yet to see a physical copy of this made available and am unsure if it was actually released or cancelled when the publisher disbanded due to dwindling sales and commercial interest for the X68000 in 2001.

Recently I obtained a selection of these disks spanning volumes released from 1991 to 1993. With file navigation on the floppy disks being presented in a dShell3 environment across several pages of Japanese text, figuring out what to click and what to type at the command line has proven fruitless. One neat touch, and that which I share with you now, is that every volume has a unique boot logo and title screen. Having successfully dumped all of these disks with my Kryoflux setup, I thought it would be nice to share screen shots of these with you from each of the volumes I own (please check the image captions for further information).

I am looking forward to working more with these disks and eventually unearthing the content tucked away within. Enjoy!