Released in 1972, long before video games were even a glint in a developers eye, Nintendo were in the business of manufacturing childrens toys. The Lefty was a series of toy RC cars by Nintendo that appeared on the market before rival Tamiya (today a world leader in radio controlled hobby products). With the Lefty, Nintendo aimed to release the world’s first radio controlled car at an affordable price point. To keep costs down the cars featured one servo. A servo with the ability to operate in one motion. A motion that allowed the car to solely turn left. Hence the name, Lefty.

I have yet to come across a decent high-resolution scan of the Lefty series art, so I figured I would scan in the box cover from my very own Nintendo Lefty RX set. You can find out a lot more information on the Lefty series at the wonderful Before Mario web site. While you are at it, click the image below to receive a lovely, high resolution Lefty RX box scan. You’re welcome!

Nintendo Lefty RX

EXTERNAL LINK: Nintendo Lefty RX (レフティ RX, 1972)

EXTERNAL LINK: Nintendo Lefty RX G.T. Sport and Proto-Type (レフティRX G.T. スポーツ, レフティRX プロトタイプ, 1972)